A Platform for The New Way of Operating Buildings

The New Way: 

Do More with the Tech You Already Have

Kterio delivers cost-saving business outcomes by connecting to systems already in place, running advanced analytics on the collected data, and delivering cheaper, more sustainable solutions from day one.

Which Business Objective do You Want to Tackle First?

Xena 1.5 Dashboard

Reduce Unnecessary Energy Use

Keep Equipment Running Longer for Less Money

Kterio Cybersecurity

Mitigate Cybersecurity Risk from OT Systems 

Smart Service Centre

Fill Empty Facility Maintenance Positions

Using the Technology You Already Have


Energy / Gas / Water Meters

IoT Sensor (IAQ, Occupancy, Temperature, Water)

Critical Systems and Alerts

Access Control / CCTV / Security / Safety / Elevators

Elevators / Parking / Additional Services / More

You need more than just data, you need business outcomes.

Strategic Relationships

Brighton Ventures
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Round Hill Ventures
Cybersecurity partnership
Key industries
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  • Hospitals
  • Pharmaceuticals


  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Multi-family
  • Student housing
  • Retail


  • Warehouses
  • Water treatment plants

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  • Save energy costs
  • Improve your built environment operations
  • Enhance your decision-making processes
  • Boost the overall efficiency and sustainability of your environment