The Intelligent Built Environment,
Made Simple

Our solution is bringing unprecedented intelligence to commercial and industrial assets

We enable owners and operators to visualize and manage all assets on a single platform.

This platform is unique as it allows asset-level benchmarking, reporting, and control across your global portfolio. Owners are no longer tied-in to the equipment vendors’ proprietary systems and maintenance programs. 

What do we do

Kterio specializes in custom portfolio-wide, data-centric control solutions. We draw data points from the built environment, monitor, analyze, and control building assets through our Smart Service Center


24/7 monitoring control and alarm points remotely with clear escalation rules ensures that systems stay on optimized routines and that critical risk is managed.


Our extensive experience in system optimization combined with a complete digital picture allows us to provide sophisticated system performance analytics. Furthermore, we can apply this across the portfolio in a standard language and format.​


With our read and write capability, we can take action remotely and instantly to provide an efficient, comfortable and safe environment. With our standard language and format, we can write rules across the portfolio.


Due to our ability to unify all data, building owners can now perform extensive benchmarking at the individual asset level and identify underperforming assets as well as meet ESG reporting requirements. We can deliver it in an automated and real-time fashion.

Solution outcomes

Energy reduction through equipment performance

Maintenance efficiency through predictive maintenance

ESG compliance & reporting​

Alarm notification & control​

Equipment useful life extension

Portfolio level reporting, benchmarking & control

It’s all about data points

Kterio’s suite of software tools that utilizes the common language to seamlessly make your built environment intelligent.



Discover and connect to all data points and stream data to CallistoBI™



Data points are filtered and engineered for API XenaBI™



Digital Twin created and usable points visible within the XenaBI™ portal



Visualized data in the XenaBI™ portal monitored, analyzed 24/7 by global SSC team

Kterio family of digital twins are speaking the same language allowing big data portfolio-wide analysis & control

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Key industries
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  • Hospitals
  • Pharmaceuticals


  • Offices
  • Multi-family
  • Student housing
  • Retail
industrial application


  • Warehouses
  • Water treatment plants

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