It's all about your data



Discover and connect to all data points and stream data to CallistoBI™



Data points are filtered and engineered for API XenaBI™



Digital Twin created and usable points visible within the XenaBI™ portal



Visualized data in the XenaBI™ portal monitored, analyzed 24/7 by global SSC team


Connect with CirraBI™

CirraBI™ enables swift, scalable, and global deployments of IoT applications for any connected asset or infrastructure

A robust IoT solution for delivering computational power to transfer secure data via APN technology via the automated hardware and embedded software process that discovers and identifies networked data points.

CirraBI™ enables an industry programmable 4G cellular gateway providing the most advanced set of edge and cloud APIs, a secure embedded application framework and a tight integration to the cloud

  • Facilitating communication with legacy or non-internet connected devices
  • Data pre-processing, cleansing, filtering & optimization
  • Device-to-device communications / M2M
  • Data visualization & basic data analytics via IoT gateway applications
  • Manage user access & network security features
  • Data caching, buffering & streaming
  • Data aggregation
  • Networking features & hosting live data
  • Short-term data historian features
  • Device configuration management
  • System diagnostics


Engineer with CallistoBI™

CallistoBI™ makes data more readily available throughout your organization and enables non-developers to create and maintain advanced, interconnected ecosystems of tools

Instead of purchasing many systems, the CallistoBI™ operating system for buildings is more like a “windows operating system” with the potential to easily connect as many systems/devices that are available.



CallistoBI™ Building Operating System captures 1000s of pieces of data generated by any type of equipment and any vendor into  an integrated and unified system

Big Data Naming


Once the software enters CallistoBI™ it will run through our application of a virtual naming convention/date model

Big Data Tagging


Each tag is structured to have a number of additional fields to store granular device data that will include OEM data (manufacturer, type, serial number)

Big Data Structuring


These tags will be structured systematically to allow any number of user interfaces (UIs) to access the central database to analyze device performance metrics

Big Data Digital Twin

Digital Twin

An optimizer will select the most effective subset of all of the identified points that are available that will form the digital twin of the building


Realtime Optimization with XenaBI™
XenaBI control

Manage an enterprize portfolio, make more effective decisions with several different systems from one secure cloud-based application

Working digital copy of the building to allow Kterio to understand the building, read and write back to devices, alter and manage parameters, create reports, develop new protocols, optimize performance, risk and budget management, and provide customer-specific and anonymized data for analytic tools

XenaBI™ seamlessly integrates complex sources of data and provides easy-to-digest analysis and allows control directly to the end user driving system performance optimization and reporting


Activate with Smart Service Centre (SSC)

The SSC manages all user interactions 24x7 / 365 to accelerate incident resolution while minimizing engineers involvement and support costs

Our remote monitoring and proactive approach automates many of today’s manual tasks, and by leveraging the power of analytics and proactive tools, SSC automates all of the systems within the building and applies diagnostics to proactively identify and resolve performance-related issues​

Smart Service Centre

SSC identifies improvement measures and implement them remotely to take a proactive maintenance approach to your entire facility, from the equipment and devices to the server and field panels, for a comprehensive approach to overall system health and efficiency


We employ a number of standard security practices such as MFA, conditional access and a principle of least privilege to keep access to our company systems secure. These practices are ever-evolving to keep pace with the latest online threats. We employ a number of encryption methodologies both in transit and at rest to ensure our data, and that of our customers is kept secure. These methodologies are also updated to be kept in line with recommended security practices which allows the organization to keep its defenses in place while still allowing data to stream outside of the secure buildings' IT infrastructure.

Kterio Cybersecurity

Understanding cybersecurity practices and tactics for effectively defending against hazards in the digital world

We make extensive use of security products made available to us from the likes of Microsoft, Acronis and other suppliers of digital offerings, as well as employing industry leading 3rd parties to perform security sweeps and overviews of our infrastructure to allow us to gain useful insights into improving our security posture, as well as providing our customers with the peace of mind that their data is in safe hands.