Why Hospitals are Struggling to Adopt Smart Building Solutions

hospital building

Hospital building managers are recognizing the potential benefits of implementing smart building solutions to streamline their operations and enhance patient outcomes.  The benefits include optimized energy efficiency, improved indoor air quality, and better patient comfort, as well as valuable data-driven insights for everything from asset monitoring to facility maintenance. With the increasing demands placed on […]

Smart Technologies: The Key to Sustainable Commercial Buildings


Making commercial buildings sustainable is a crucial step in reducing their environmental impact, improving occupants’ health and well-being, and promoting cost savings. Smart technologies can play a significant role in making commercial buildings sustainable. Here are some ways in which smart technologies can assist in creating sustainable commercial buildings: Building automation systems – Building automation […]

Sielox & Kterio Partner to Provide Unique Integration Solution for Comprehensive System Management & Control


Unique Solution Sets New Benchmarks in Integration with Device-Level Control and Universal System Management on the Enterprise Level Sielox, an established industry leader in layered PACS and emergency notification solutions, and Kterio, an innovator in building data control solutions that provide big data portfolio-wide analysis and control, announce a new exclusive partnership to bring a […]

Kterio & Sielox: Changing the future of Smart Buildings

Kterio Sielox Partnership

We’re excited to announce our strategic partnership with Sielox! This collaboration brings together the best of both companies’ technologies to create a market-leading Smart Building Operating System that provides a number of benefits to your business – from energy consumption reduction, and equipment maintenance optimization to efficient, and reliable access control solutions from one single-view […]