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Climate Opportunities -- Global Real Estate Leaders Seek New Technology to Advance Sustainability Goals at Finvest/MIT Conference

October 26, 2023

What lies at the intersection of climate change, global leadership, real estate research, and technology?

The short answer is opportunity.

“We can’t just say climate crisis—we must also say it’s climate opportunities.”

Siqi Zheng, STL Champion Professor of Urban and Real Estate Sustainability; Faculty Director, MIT Center for Real Estate; Faculty Director, MIT Sustainable Urbanization Lab, during closing remarks at the Conference on Climate Change and the Decarbonization of Real Estate

Kterio is a global company, represented in 4 countries, empowering leaders to capitalize on these opportunities and influence the direction of their portfolio and company.



ESG concerns and opportunities are at the forefront of our thoughts here at Kterio, and we continue to support the global effort for a more sustainable future.

Larry Yogel, Chairman & CEO of Kterio, was invited to participate on a panel of experts and stakeholders at the Conference on Climate Change and the Decarbonization of Real Estate in Rio de Janeiro yesterday. The collaboration of real estate leaders, technology innovations such as Kterio, and research institutions such as MIT Center for Real Estate offers a distinct path toward sustainability that has never been available before.

It is gratifying and exciting to be part of the discussion, not only about global policy, but also how leaders in many verticals from financial institutions to hospitals to retailers are demanding spaces that demonstrate ESG consciousness.

Changes are coming rapidly, and industry leaders are being called upon to navigate the direction. These leaders are wanting more economic incentives (taxes and investment) to drive behavior changes within their companies that will accomplish various net-zero or ESG targets.

Fortunately, the Kterio Operating System uniquely bridges the gap between the lack of incentives, behavior changes, and the undeniable need for profits. This is true for newly constructed buildings, as well as existing spaces. For example, Kterio provides the ability to not only measure CO2 emissions, but also dramatically lower them with access to transparent live-time tracking and reporting. Our OS allows those investing in retrofit and other “climate change products” to demonstrate the productivity of those assets across their portfolios and compared to their peers.

The conference participants agreed that we need more ‘top down’ solutions and support, like that offered in Kterio’s operating system, to act upon ESG opportunities quickly and effectively. 

It was an honor to be included in this group of global thought-leaders.

Thank you to our hosts Finvest Climate, and MIT Center for Real Estate for hosting this event at Rio’s iconic Museum of Tomorrow.

Larry Yogel provides insights into the opportunities for real estate leaders to impact ESG goals