From Dream to Reality: Transforming Property Management with Kterio

From dream to reality: Transforming Property Management with Kterio

February 22, 2023

Colliers International, the long-time partner of Kterio, has embraced innovation with the adoption of cutting-edge SaaS solutions such as Kterio, Proprli & Spots to deliver great service to their clients.

In an interview with Proprli, Colliers International Chief Technology Officer Bas Ambachtsheer shared his vision for property management in 2030: a completely digitalized and data-driven system managed via a single platform without any manual involvement. Kterio energy management platform plays an important role in this journey, helping optimize building performance and maintenance while reducing costs.

“Kterio is an energy management platform that goes way beyond only saving energy. It’s actually operationally managing the whole HVAC systems within buildings, gives us insights on the performance of plants and thereby we can actually optimize the maintenance of the building very easily.” 

Bas Ambachtsheer, Chief Technology Officer, Colliers

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