Stan Brown

Hospitality Advisory Board Member

Stan Brown, a highly experienced and accomplished executive in the hospitality industry is Kterio’s Hospitality Advisory Board Member. Stan has more than 38 years of experience in Senior Management and Board of Director roles across internationally renowned hotels, resorts and hospitality organizations and brings a wealth of expertise and strategic insights to the table.

Stan is currently the Chair Board of Directors at StayWell Hospitality Group, a prominent hotel management group in the Asia Pacific Region. Based in Hawaii and Florida, Stan provides leadership and guidance to StayWell's board, helping drive growth and success for the company.

Prior to his role at StayWell, Stan served as a Member Board of Directors at Prince Hotels and Resorts Inc, providing strategic direction to the company from Tokyo, Japan. Before joining Prince Hotels and Resorts, Stan was the President and Managing Director at Cerberus Hospitality.

Stan has also held senior leadership positions at other notable companies in the hospitality industry, including Holiday Retirement, where he served as COO, and Vail Resorts, where he was the President of Vail Resorts Hospitality. Additionally, he spent 26 years at Marriott International, where he served as VP Marriott Asia.

Stan received his Bachelor of Science degree in Hotel Management from Penn State University. His expertise and leadership will undoubtedly help shape Kterio's strategy and direction in the hospitality industry, ensuring the company's continued success and growth.​​​​