Chief Operations Officer Mark Glynn discusses what rebranding means for the company

Mark Glynn

Chief Operating Officer
KTERIO Building Intelligence

February 2, 2022
What significant changes and improvements have taken place in the company’s operations since it was renamed?
The company rebranding came with a significant change in operations. There have been many improvements, such as an increase in sales and profits through the implementation of new management strategies and we are already on track for 30% projected growth this year.

What are the benefits to clients of Kterio Building Intelligence’s decision to change its name?

With this change comes more stability for clients who use our services. The new name reflects the changing world of Smart Buildings and how it’s no longer just about gathering building data but is now about Smart control, continuous building optimization, and insights, resulting in lower operational costs and happier tenants.

What can we expect from the new Kterio in 2022?

The Kterio Building Intelligence is the latest and greatest in building management. We are currently developing a new platform and services that will revolutionize the way buildings are operated. The KTERIO will offer customers powerful tools and 24/7 engineers’ expertise to optimize energy usage, comply with ESG initiatives, and improve occupant comfort.