Kterio has launched a new global engineering center in Warrington, UK

Kterio BI
November 12, 2021

KTERIO, a leading innovator of intelligent building analytics and performance improvement services, has launched a new 3,000 sq. ft. engineering center in Warrington, UK.

The facility is a global hub capable of monitoring the energy consumption, equipment alarms, and ESG impact for over 1,000 commercial buildings worldwide.

Over the next two years, KTERIO expects to expand the operation to over 50 employees who can provide real-time monitoring and engineering expertise to support the company’s flagship XenaBridge™ SaaS Smart Building Platform.

KTERIO customers are large global enterprises and hospital networks that each has well over 1 million sq. ft. of occupied real estate. As executives in C-suite increased focus on ESG reporting and operating cost management, KTERIO solutions provide cloud-based smart building technology to reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs by over 20% across large, multi-million sq. ft. portfolios.


Mark Glynn, Global COO of KTERIO, provided additional background on the selection of Warrington as a strategic smart hub location.

“The secret to our success is the combination of breakthrough cloud-based smart building analytics and expert engineers who can provide local facilities managers across the globe with real-time monitoring and expertise. The digital technology building engineering talent available in the greater Warrington area is perfect for our needs.”


Adds Chris Evans, Chief Technology Officer,

“Our technology is disruptive to the market because it requires no upfront capital investment nor building retrofitting. Rather, we use powerful analytics to capture and analyze the 1000s of data points currently being produced every second by all the devices in a building. We can identify alarms, energy waste, and preventive maintenance opportunities and either fix the problem remotely or quickly alert local engineers how to address it.”

KTERIO has scheduled an invitation-only tour and demo of the Warrington Smart Service Center (SSC) but will post summary videos and executive interviews on its website.