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The Healthcare Property Development Conference; sponsored by Kterio

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November 28, 2022

What an insightful day it was at BE Networking event in London! The Healthcare Property Development Conference; sponsored by Kterio, featured NHS Trusts, Healthcare Estates Management Leadership, Investors, Developers, and Private Healthcare Providers, as we explored future healthcare estates’ development and procurement opportunities.

Kterio was particularly interested in Healthcare providers’ views on sustainability and ESG initiatives. This topic is definitely in forefront of the agenda as the UK Government has committed to building or redeveloping 48 new hospitals by 2030, with £3.7 billion committed so far, with another 850 million made available to upgrade outdated facilities to achieve the Net Zero target.

Healthcare Foundations shared their success stories on running green initiatives – switching to renewable energy sources, sourcing food locally, rethinking waste management, and involving the community. However there was one shared concern – the funding is not sufficient to roll out the ambitious plan to go net zero by 2030.

Kterio came to the table with the solution to this problem – cut excessive and unnecessary energy and maintenance costs to release resources for other green initiatives. This idea is not new, but so far it’s been unachievable.

Each foundation’s portfolio consists of approximately 200 buildings. The task of ensuring equipment is run optimally and no energy is wasted seems overwhelming. The solution lies in technology.


Kterio developed the platform that makes the task of monitoring, analyzing, and control of each building in the portfolio easy. We connect to buildings’ infrastructure, collect and visualize data of the whole buildings’ portfolio in one place – your own smart building management platform. Kterio’s team of building engineers monitors, analyzes, provides guidance, and controls assets to improve buildings’ performance 24/7.

Reporting is easily accessible, as well as energy-saving recommendations to optimize and modernize each building.


We were honored to join the Healthcare Property Development Conference and future plans on sustainability initiatives of NHS Trusts, Healthcare Estates Management Leadership, Investors, Developers, and Private Healthcare Providers. We believe that our innovative technology will help them achieve their goals of net zero by 2030.


We are looking forward to the next event in January, where we’ll explore how Kterio can help to Tackle the Challenges Facing Healthcare Property. If you’d like to join the exclusive Kterio workshop, please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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